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Welcome to Texas Workbook!

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  • Welcome to Texas Workbook!

    Hello everybody,

    Welcome to Texas Workbook.

    I know it's a little weird to get off of Facebook, but please hear me out on this...

    A while back, in the Facebook Group, somebody asked if I could set up a 'Files' section so that recipes could be stored.

    I like the idea, but I don't think that the way Facebook handles that section is very robust. There is no real categorization and it's hard to search.

    Another issue, is I've been in several Groups that have been taken down for one reason or another. It's scary, and I'd hate for the Group to come together to build something like that and see it disappear or be severely restricted. Trolls attacking the group can easily do this. I've already gotten a warning because somebody posted something that violated Facebook's 'Community Standards'. It's something that I have very little control over. At present, the Group is already at risk of Facebook turning post moderation on, where everything would have to be approved by an admin before it could be posted. The volume of work that would create would likely paralyze the group.

    I decided that our own community cookbook on a platform we control is the best way to address those issues. Kind of like the old church cookbooks from back in the day.

    After researching various platforms and software packages, I settled on using vBulletin Forum Software. It's an older platform that has stood the test of time but is also extremely robust, so it can grow as big as it needs to.

    Being that robust, it allows space for people to talk about things outside of just recipes. You'll be able to see some additional areas to discuss things as you navigate the site.

    This website is not a replacement for the Facebook Group. It is a compliment to it. The Facebook Group is for fast-moving discussion, while this website will be for slower, more in-depth conversation, and categorization of great recipes rooted in Texas culinary history.

    Building The Cookbook

    We want to build the Community Cookbook on a platform that we control, rather than anywhere else. We want the recipes here so that we aren't subject to cancellation and they can be shared with a broad group of people for years to come.

    As you navigate the forum, you'll notice a category for Announcements. That is where you'll find this post. This is where I'll notify people of new initiatives and changes, as things grow.

    Below that is the Community Cookbook portion of this website. The primary purpose of what we're doing here. This is where submitted recipes will be moved and categorized. Nobody will be able to add recipes directly to that area of the website.

    Recipes will be added to the next category, 'Recipe Submissions'. Recipes that are submitted there will be reviewed by me or a moderator to determine if they meet the criteria to be included in the Community Cookbook (you can find instructions on submitting a recipe there, don't worry, you don't need to be Julia Child). Next, I, or a moderator, will determine which category to move the recipe into.

    This will keep things organized as the cookbook grows. As you can see, there are only a few categories now. Once those grow, they will be further broken down into subcategories, so that it'll always be easy to find what you're looking for.

    One thing to keep in mind. A recipe posted in the Facebook Group will not automatically be included here. The post author will need to come here and submit it for inclusion on this website. If you see a great recipe there, you can always encourage the author to submit it here.

    My Commitment to You

    I will not own your recipes and will not try to sell them (Most large platforms own all of the content on their websites). I do not have permission to host your recipe anywhere other than on this website. No cookbooks without your express written permission. They will not even be posted on my food blog without your permission. All I'll be able to do is post links to your recipes here on this website to raise awareness unless you directly give specific permission to do otherwise.

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    I'm glad to be here, Cory! Let me know if I can help!
    Always be humble and kind.


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      Originally posted by Chef Jimmie View Post
      I'm glad to be here, Cory! Let me know if I can help!
      Glad you're here! I appreciate your help.

      I've added you as a member to the Beta Tester and Moderator forums. You'll now be able to see them at the bottom of the home page. Only you and other people that are invited will be able to see those two categories.

      I'd love your input on what's happening here and the direction things are going. Those forums will make it easier for us to discuss everything.


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        Thank you for this. Can't wait to see all the good food posted.


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          This is my late friend’s gumbo recipe. She loved being a 5th generation Texan who grew up on the coast.