You may have noticed that there are quite a few recipes posted by me in the Community Cookbook.

I am here to help archive recipes posted in the Facebook Group.

The challenge with Facebook Groups is that many excellent recipes slowly get lost to time down the feed. You can store them in the files section, or do a search to try to find them, but over time the files section gets cluttered and hard to navigate and the search function can deliver hundreds of results that you have to filter through to find what you want.

Even worse, what would happen if the Facebook Group disappeared tomorrow? It would all be gone.

I'll be picking recipes out of the group that are written with a clear ingredients list and instructions, and that include pictures, and adding them to the Community Cookbook.

As the Community Cookbook grows, I'll start separating it out into further categories to make it easy to find exactly what you want.

Of course, I'll miss a few things here and there, so if you want to add a recipe, please add it into the recipe submissions forum.

My hope is that, over the years, we'll build one of the largest repositories of Texas culinary history on the internet. In a disposable world, permanence is critical to preserving our history.

Never forget, we are Texas history.