Welcome to the Texas Workbook, where our goal is to document, catalog, and preserve Texas culinary history.

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What This Website is and How Its Different From Our Facebook Group

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  • What This Website is and How Its Different From Our Facebook Group

    If you've arrived at this website from anywhere other than our Facebook Group, you can join our Group here:

    This Website's Primary Mission: To document, catalog, and preserve Texas culinary history.

    How it's Different From Our Facebook Group: Facebook Groups are great for bringing like-minded people together who share a common passion. It does this in a fast-paced, and somewhat chaotic manner. This website will facilitate a much slower, structured, and thoughtful discussion.

    Another big challenge with Facebook Groups is they do not provide a very robust means of saving what is posted in the group. It doesn't take long for a post you want to keep to slip down the feed into obscurity. Of course, you can do a search for it and maybe find it. Or, it can be saved into the files tab, which provides very little in the way of categorization. Once you have a hundred or more recipes in there, it becomes unwieldy and difficult to navigate.

    Facebook Groups, as they grow, become chaotic and difficult to manage. For example, pictures of completed dishes, with no recipes will almost always be posted in the group. The same with open questions to the group. We can embrace that and allow the Group to simply become a place of sharing, and this website to be curated and tightly managed. We can have the best of both worlds.

    You are welcome to choose to participate in this website, or not. If you like, you can simply hang out and participate in the Group only.

    What We Hope This Website Will Become: We believe that Texas culinary history should be preserved for the generations that come after us. After all, we will all one day be history ourselves. We are living and creating history right now. As the world globalizes and people move to and from Texas, its unique history can be lost over time. I truly regret not spending more time with my grandparents and writing down their stories. Especially my grandmother's recipes. Now they're lost forever. I don't want my grandchildren to feel the same way. They'll look to me to share their history with them, the same way that I looked to my grandparents.

    Maybe it's overly ambitious. Only time will tell, but the goal of this website is to provide a free platform for Texans to share their culinary history, along with their family history (if they so choose). A place where everybody can put their mark on this unique state. A library of sorts. We are not only Texans, we are Texas.

    With all that being said, what we share needs to be protected, so that it survives. I have seen in the past that Groups on Facebook can be deleted (inadvertently or not, it happens). Something this important needs to be resistant to that. This is why I've chosen to go with an unaltered version of the vBulletin platform. It is an older platform that has stood the test of time. It also gives us complete control. It is limited though to the basic functions that come with the platform. Any alteration of the underlying code can pose the risk of accidentally opening a back door to malicious actors. We'll stick to the basics.

    How The Community Cookbook Works: As you browse the homepage of the website, you'll notice the second and third categories are named "Community Cookbook" and "Recipe Submissions". Recipes cannot be added to the Community Cookbook by anybody but the administrator(s). All recipe submissions have to be posted in the "Recipe Submissions" category. The reason for this is that, as the Community Cookbook grows, there will (hopefully) be hundreds, if not thousands of recipes. Proper categorization will be critical to making it easy to navigate.

    Once a recipe has been submitted to the Recipe Submissions category, an administrator or moderator will review it to be certain that it follows all of the necessary guidelines (guidelines can be found in the top post in the Recipe Submissions category) for inclusion in the Community Cookbook, and if it does, will manually move it to its proper home in the Community Cookbook.

    Note that recipes submitted in the Facebook Group will not automatically appear here. If you want to submit a recipe for inclusion in the Community Cookbook on this website, you must submit it in the Recipe Submission category.

    One final IMPORTANT note.
    All recipes posted on this website remain the property of the original author, with a non-transferable license granted to to publish same on this domain only. The recipes on this website are for personal use only. You may not reproduce and sell anything found on this website without the express written consent of the original recipe author.