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The Doggett Family - I'm a Fifth Generation Texan

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  • The Doggett Family - I'm a Fifth Generation Texan

    I'm a fifth-generation Texan.

    Ebenezer Miller Doggett, a farmer and my Third Great Grandfather, was the first Doggett in my family tree to move to Texas.

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    Ebenezer Miller Doggett

    He was born in Robertsons Fork, Tennesee in 1830, and initially moved to Clarksville, Texas, where his son, Cletus Doggett (my 2nd great grandfather), was born in 1859. He later moved to Runnels County, eventually dying there. He was buried in Norton.

    My 2nd great grandfather moved around Texas, at one point living in Mills County, where his son, Jeff Jefferson Doggett was born.

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    Jeff Jefferson Doggett

    Jeff Jefferson Doggett died young in Lampasa, County, Texas, at 55 years old, leaving 7 children, of which my grandfather W. C. Doggett, was the oldest.

    My Grandfather was drafted twice during World War II, serving in the Army Air Corps, then later in the Secret Service as a bomber inspector. The latter part of his service being at Rattlesnake Airforce Base in Pyote Texas. As an inspector, he made the final inspection of the Enola Gay before it was flown to the Smithsonian Institute.

    After the war, he and his wife moved to Pecos, Texas, where my father, Billy Bob Doggett, was born, and later I was born.

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    Billy Bob Doggett